#317 Civic Duty

Civic duty is defined by Yahoo answers as:

"Civic duty is to be a good citizen. Obey laws, serve in the military in time of need, pay taxed, be active in community activities that are supportive of something positive, These are the types of things that enable masses of people to live in a close proximity and prosper."

We are all human. We are all related in a sense. We should act like it more. As humans we have responsibilities in the world to do what is right and look out for one another. Today was my schools open house. On one of my tours today their was a feisty little boy named Cauliflower. (His name isn’t really Cauliflower, but it was something like that and I can’t quite remember what it was, so let’s just stick with Cauliflower.) So Cauliflower, was cute and cracked some jokes about how he plans to apply to Harvard. He even asked a question or so which impressed me. A while after my tour Cauliflower’s mother was screaming his name looking for him. She asked if any of us saw Cauliflower. None of us had so we weren’t much help.

A minute or so later I saw Cauliflower and ran over to him. He had been exploring campus on his own. I talked to him and told him his Mom was looking for him. He brushed it off and didn’t seem to care. I comforted him and asked if he wanted to hang out with me. He was chill and didn’t think it was a big deal. I let him know how everyone was worried and then he whips out his cell phone, and calls her. I made sure he got back safely. At the end of the day, Cauliflower, came running back and asked for a balloon. I gave him his favorite color blue.

After we got let out I was walking back with two girls I work with and we watched this man screaming at his girlfriend. He was getting all up in her face and looked as if he was going to hit her. We kept talking about how messed up he was. Finally one of the girls I was walking with said something. He started screaming at her and threatening her. Real cool bro. Well the other girl I was with got a local cop nearby to step in and help.

Lesson learned?

We are all humans, we only have one life and one planet so we should try and look out for each other. We all have responsibilities, we have civic duties we should uphold. Today I helped a little boy get back to his Mom and my friends actually stepped into an argument. It may not always feel right, or you might be scared, but the right thing isn’t always easy. I was scared to say something to the guy that was screaming at his girlfriend, I won’t lie. It takes courage to do the right things. Do the right thing. I know that next time I see something going on I will say something. Today I learned you should try and help out all of humanity as best you can. It’ll make you feel better, so I ask you to look out for your brothers and sisters on this planet we call earth.

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